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Sequoia's Treehouse Farm - Olympia

Located at Sequoia's Treehouse Farm:

3529 Libby Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506

Drop-in Archery: (10 sessions)

Registered youth may visit the archery range at any time and for as long as they would like during the drop-in session time. All archers are provided with basic instruction. Shooting balloons, traditional target faces, and a variety of archery games will be available.

Ages: 4yrs - 12yrs (older siblings are allowed).

Explore Archery Class: (8 sessions)

Using the USA Archery Explore curriculum archers will work towards earning achievement awards for Form, Safety, Shot Execution, Scoring, and Equipment.

Ages: 6yrs+

Register and pay in advance: 

Email Completed form to with "Sequoia's Archery" in the subject line.

Payment - Check, Cash, CashApp

Payment is required prior to participation.

Youth Archery

Basis Independent Bellevue

Afterschool Enrichment classes for Basis Independent students. 

The school handles registration.

Bulls Eye

Homeschool Youth - West Seattle/White Center

Located at North Field of Grace Church

10323 28th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146

Ages: 4yrs+ (Parents are allowed to register and participate).

Check back here for notifications!

For updates and session availability, join our Group Me chat page:

Payment - Check, Cash, CashApp

Payment is required prior to participation.


Woodinville Montessori

Afterschool Enrichment classes for Woodinville Montessori students. 

The school handles registration.

Archery Target

Youth Archery Clubs/Classes

Afterschool Enrichment Classes & Clubs.

Interested in getting a club started near you?

Contact us at

Current Locations:

Olympia - Sequoia's Farm, Youth 4yr - 12yrs

West Seattle/White Center

Bothell - Woodinville Montessori Students

USA Archery Explore Awards


West Seattle
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